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Frequently Asked Questions

By default, database records are set to appear in the clinic locator. If your record should not appear in the clinic locator because you do not offer services to the public, you will need to log in to the database, open your record, and select the check box that says: “Administrative site only; no clinical services provided. This site should not be included in the Family Planning Clinic Locator.”

If your organization should appear in the clinic locator, but only serves specific populations (e.g. schools or prisons), please list that information in the Additional Facility Information field.

Log in to the database and complete the Request New User form.The OPA database administrator will create a new user account within two days.The new user will receive a system generated email with login instructions.

Contact your grantee. Your grantee must request an account for you via the “Request New User” form in the database. The OPA database administrator will create an account for you within two business days. You will receive an email from the system with login instructions.

To make changes to your location information, log in to the database and make changes to the physical address. Grantees and service sites can update information at any time online; there is no official annual update or deadline.

Please send an email to You will need to provide your name, email address, phone number, and organizational information.

Check with your grantee to make sure your information has been entered in the database. Grantees are responsible for updating the database with clinic information for their subrecipients and service sites. Grantees can also request user accounts for service site users at their discretion. If you would like an account, please contact your grantee.

This list is updated on a monthly basis and can be found on the OPA website at:

While the locator is available to the public, only federal project officers, grantees, subrecipients, service site users (at the discretion of their grantee), Office of Population Affairs (OPA) staff, and the OPA website contractor can make changes within the database. If you need access to the database to update your subrecipient or service site data, please contact your grantee who can request an account for you.

There are options for entering a physical address and mailing address in each record.

To remove a service site or subrecipient, please log in to the database and complete the Request Site Closure form.

To add a service site, please log in to the database and complete the Add New Service Site form.

Removing a service site from the database requires approval from the grantee, project officer, and Office of Grants Management. Prior to removing a site, please ensure that the grantee has submitted and received approval for the change in scope. You can find the changes in scope reference tools here.

If you have questions about the closure approval process, please contact your grantee or project officer.

The OPA database administrator will remove the service site from the database within two business days of receiving approval.

You should update the database any time a change occurs, especially if you are a new Title X grantee. You can update information at any time online; there is no official annual update or deadline. Periodic update reminders will be sent from OPA to grantees and service sites as a courtesy.

Note: Making changes to the database does not replace the prior approval requirement under HHS grants policy for changes in project scope, including clinic closures.

If you need further technical assistance with the database, please contact OPA at or visit the Support section of the database.