Quick Start Guide: Approving and Rejecting Changes

What: This guide outlines how to approve or reject a change to a service site record in the Title X Family Planning Clinic Database.

Who: The grantee can approve or reject changes made by a service site user. The RPO publishes or rejects changes approved by the grantee.  


  1. Log in to the system directly via your browser or via a link provided in an email notification.
  2. Find your Pending Actions via the “Your Activity” Panel on your Dashboard.
  3. Click the link to the item you wish to review.
  4. Review the list of changes made to the record in the yellow notification box at the top of the screen.
  5. Scroll to the fields that have been changed, review them for accuracy and completeness.
  6. To approve a change:
    1. Grantees: Select the “Submit for Approval” button to send the change to the RPO for review and publishing
    2. RPOs: Select the “Publish to Site” button to publish the change to the live Locator and database.  Affected service site and grantee users will automatically be sent an email notification that their change has been published.
  7. To reject a change:
    1. Grantees: Select the “Reject Changes” button to send the changes back to the Service Site user for correction.
    2. RPOs: Select the “Reject Changes” button to send the changes back to the Grantee user for correction.