Quick Start Guide: Updating a Service Site

What: This guide outlines how to update a service site record in the Title X Family Planning Clinic Database.

Who: The grantee can always update his or her service sites. The grantee may also choose to designate users at the service site level to keep their sites updated.


  1. Log in to the system directly via your browser or via a link provided in an email notification.
  2. Find the service site you want to edit via your Dashboard.
    1. Service Site Users: Select the Edit Button under your service site record listing
    2. Grantees: Locate the site via the list of service sites in the table on your dashboard screen. Select the title to open the edit screen for that record.
  3. Make edits to your record. Note that all fields with a red asterisk must be completed to submit the change for publishing.
  4. Submit changes
    1. Service Site Users: Select “Send Updates for Approval” button to submit changes to the grantee for approval.
    2. Grantees: Select “Send Updates for Publishing” to submit changes to the RPO for publishing.
  5. Await confirmation that your changes are published. You’ll receive an email notification when the RPO has published them.
    1. Remember, you can’t make additional changes to the record that you submitted until it is either approved or rejected by the grantee and/or RPO.
    2. If your changes are rejected, expect to see a notification via email and the record listed under the Pending Actions list on your Dashboard. You will need to correct according to the note from the approver and resubmit.